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5 reasons why you must study in London

Among of all the possible towns to study abroad, London lures a huge percentage of international students. Numbers range from 8.5% in London South Bank university to a solid 42.3 % in London School of Economics – which tells that the conditions for studies in London are very, very appealing.

What are the main reasons for studying abroad in London?

  • Multicultural society. People of more than 270 nationalities live in London – each of which brought a bit of their culture to the town. Right now it is truly a melting pot of languages, communities, religions – and each and every one of them is valued equally. Liberal and free environment, where everyone is welcome – this is the main reason, why young people gather in London from all over the world.
  • No language barrier. A lot of students, new to this whole studying abroad thing, are hesitating to apply because they don’t know the local language. “How I am going to get by if I can’t even buy a bar of Snicker’s?” – they rationalize, vividly showing that eating candy is more exciting cultural experience than, you know, everything else. Best part of studying abroad in London is that everyone speaks English, since the language is from here. And even if your skills are not top notch yet, you can always find someone from your own country to beat the homesickness by talking in your own language.
  • Shopping til you drop. London is named the capital of fashion in 2012, and not without a reason. You are going to have the best shopping experience in your life – from flea markets to lovely boutiques, from vintage to hand-crafted designs of the future – you will find everything you ever wished for. If you need a bit of inspiration, feel free to come over to London fashion week, where all the main players of fashion industry are gathering each year. Or just look around in the streets – londoners care a lot about their appearance, and you will find a lot of style just around the corner.
  • Crazy nightlife. Are you a fan of breakbeats? What about seapunk? Minimal dubstep? Even if you have the most peculiar taste in music, showing off to your friends with bands they never seen before, you will be able to enjoy your beloved sounds every night in a bunch of venues, dedicated especially a sole reason of making you forget, that there is tomorrow. Each district of London has it’s own preference – ranging from world music to classical, from newborn genres to old good techno. One lifetime is not enough to explore all the amazing soundscapes London offer.
  • It’s a hot spot for travelers. If one day you feel that you want something new, you are in a right place if you chose London as your study abroad destination. City has 5 airports (most of which have great deals on Ryanair and Wizzair flights) and a Channel Tunnel, allowing you to reach any place in Europe in mere hours. Not to mention that London city is attractive to travelers with it’s wonderful parks, impressive architecture and thriving culture!

Did you fall in love with London already?

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