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How to learn faster and more efficiently?

Before we start today, we wanted to share with you a wonderful TED talk by Josh Kaufman about the easiest way to learn:


What did you take from it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

We think, that even without applying the method Kaufman offers, you can understand the basic principles of effective learning. Here are our ideas – a concentrated summary about what’s the most important while trying to learn a new skill:

Concentrate and dedicate yourself.

The highlight of Kaufman’s talk – that you have to put yourself together and devote some time for learning and practising the skill you want to gain. 20 hours is not that much – with 45 minutes a day, you will do miracles. Most of the time, we spend our time on irrelevant things – from Facebook from a game you “got to” catch, from playing pool with your buddies to having a couple of cold ones. Do not use any excuses – just concentrate for some time. If you spend as much time just setting your mind on your goal and working on it for some time, you will master the skill in no time.

Don’t try to be perfect.

A lot of things you hear and learn today are a rumour about a rumour – the internet is full of news made using “broken telephone” principles. Kaufman, for instance, talks about the idea that 10 000 hours are needed in order to learn a new skill. Yet he noticed, that 10 000 are needed to become a professional – if you want to start out, 20 hours is enough. You got to learn enough so you would know when you are making a mistake (self-correct), yet it is not necessary to become a master in the field – you can do it later.

There is always some free time.

There will be always some excuse – you don’t have the time, today you are tired, and sometimes, when feeling sincere, you say to yourself – today I am just lazy and will watch “Parks and recreation” instead. Yet when you think of it, would you say that you don’t have time for, say, a person you love? If you really want to find time, you will always find time. Set your priorities – we are sure that each day you can easily find less than an hour for learning.

Do a test.

Kaufman had a theory, that you can learn a skill after 20 hours of practising it. He made an extended research on that theory, broke it down into a step-by-step plan and instantly started to put it in practise. And in the end of the video, we see a result of his theory – he can play ukulele. He is not the best, he is not the worst – but he is able to do it. So if he can do it, so can you.

Challenge yourself!
Write us in the comments, which skill you would want to practise, and what is the first step you will do in order to learn it?

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