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Are you considering becoming a business manager and choosing business management studies? Wondering what skills and personal features and preparation are necessary for this type of studies and profession? Below you will find things that might help you to prepare for business management studies. Please, take a look.


Top business leaders are driven, analytic, and innovative. They make decisions that are more complex than ever before. And they understand the full scope of an enterprise and its potential in a global economy. What are those main and basic skills necessary for a professional business manager? Let’s take a look:

  • Planning. It is the ability to manage self and/or others, and resources including time and surrounding circumstances to reach a specific goal. How to increase your planning skills? There are three questions that you can use on a regular basis to help you stay focused on getting your most important tasks completed on schedule. The first question is “What are my highest value activities?” The second question you can ask continually is, “What can I and only I do, that if done well, will make a real difference?” The third question you can ask is “What is the most valuable use of my time, right now?” This is the core question of time management. Answering this question correctly is the key to stop procrastinating and developing better planning skills.
  • Organizing. If you know how to organize you studies, daily life tasks or in the future to organize your companies’ tasks, you are in the right way. Organizing includes determining the primary goals and strategies to reach them. Use free apps such as Asana or Todoist to manage your tasks. These and other similar web applications are simple and easy to use.
  • CommandingA good leader builds a confidence in his followers and instils a feeling of admiration in them. Leader should be capable to delegate and influence someone to do something. Most of the leaders are dreamers. It’s good when he provides his followers to make those dreams come true.
  • CoordinationIt involves effective communication between team members and across teams synchronizing the efforts of the team members towards to fulfilment to reach a goal.
  • Control. It means setting standards and ensuring that you work will meet it. This skills is very important in achieving success in the business or the successful ending of your works while studying. Controlling means being busy in a productive way.

The sum of these skills is a success of overcoming the studies of business management and becoming a business manager.


Summer is a perfect time to prepare for your studies. Reading books means to gain the useful knowledge, facts, stories that helps to make our thinking broader, to paint a vision of life and the world. If you want to gain more knowledge that you have now of what the business management truly is, you need to read some of books related to your chosen topic. Take a look at a couple of books that are being recommended to read during the summer as a preparation for your business management studies:

Now, Discover Your Strengths- Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton. The insights of this book will help you better to find your own strengths and weaknesses.

First, Break all The Rules- Marcus Buckingham and Curt Hoffman. The authors summarize the results of their in-depth study of great managers.

New Yorker Book of Business Cartoons- It’s a collection of cartoon about business in an enjoyable way.

Communicate With Confidence- Dianna Booher. The books explains how to communicate more effectively in any institution.

Executive Thinking- Leslie Kossoff.

Good to Great- Collin Good. How to move our struggling companies from good to great as oppose to those trying to hold on the top. That what this books is about.


Reading magazines means to follow the latest news, facts and events of chosen topic. There are many magazines to read related with the topic of business management, so let’s look at them and decide which one or which ones you need to read.


With more than 3.5 billion pages in existence, there is an extraordinary amount of information available on the Internet. It’s particularly important for business students and leaders to take the time to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in their fields. In an effort to help make it easier for you to become more prepared for business management studies, please, find top 10 business management blogs you should follow:

  • Seth’s Blog: The blog is written by best-selling author Seth Godin, who offers insight on making business better.
  • Harvard Business Review: Authored by business leaders, this network of blogs addresses a range of topics from business management to organizational leadership to thought innovation.
  • Brian Solis: Brian Solis is an author and business leader interested in disrupting business. Follow him for advice about business marketing, technology and corporate culture.
  • Open Forum: Authored by business learders nationwide, this blog focused on experienced business professionals ecchanging idead for improvinf customer’s relations, leardership issues and much more.
  • Small Business Trends: This blog offers information focused on assiting small businesses, entrepreneurs and other business professionals.
  • Forbes Business: This blog features the latest news, trends and personal development strategies.
  • Inc.: This blog offers a place where entrepreneurs and business owners can find useful information and resources for operating a business.
  • Under30CEO: This blog features advice from experienced professionals aimed at young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial hopefuls.
  • Entrepreneur: This blog delivers timely news and information about the latest trends in entrepreneurship.
  • Young Entrepreneur: This blog provides information and advice to entrepreneurs.

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